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What is Next Chapter?

"Next Chapter" is a program dedicated to promoting inclusion and kindness in the future generation. Through this program, ambassadors from The Woody Foundation partner with schools in our community to share their life experiences living with paralysis and/or spinal cord injuries, creating an opportunity for meaningful connections and learning.

At "Next Chapter," our mission is to empower students and foster a sense of inclusivity through engaging reading activities and conversations. We bring a carefully selected book featuring a main character in a wheelchair, providing a window into the diverse experiences of individuals with disabilities.

During our visits to schools, our passionate ambassadors lead interactive reading sessions, bringing the chosen book to life. Together with the students, they explore the story, its themes, and the challenges faced by the character. This immersive experience encourages empathy and understanding, opening students' hearts and minds to new perspectives.

But that's not all. As a special gift, every student gets to take a copy of the book home, allowing them to continue the journey of empathy and inclusion outside the classroom. We believe that real-life access to an individual living with paralysis, and a diverse literature is key to fostering understanding and acceptance in our society.

How can I become a Next Chapter partner? 

There are various ways you can partner with us. You can become an ambassador, sharing your own experiences and making a difference in the lives of students. We welcome individuals who have lived through paralysis or spinal cord injuries to join us in inspiring the next generation.

You can support the program by donating a set of books for a class. Your contribution will enable more students to explore the power of inclusivity through literature.

Furthermore, you can open the doors of your classroom or school to a group of our ambassadors, providing a unique opportunity for your students to learn directly from someone who has experienced life with a disability. This interactive session can enrich your curriculum and create a lasting impact on your students' understanding of inclusivity and kindness.

We invite schools in our community to join us in this transformative journey. Let's embark on the "Next Chapter" together, building a future where inclusion and kindness are at the forefront. To schedule a visit from our ambassadors, donate books, or explore partnership opportunities, please contact us using the form below. Together, let's create a brighter future through understanding and compassion.

What if I can't volunteer but want to donate?

Your donation can make a difference! If you're unable to volunteer your time with Next Chapter but still want to contribute, your generous donation can help us purchase books that inspire understanding and inclusivity. With just $200, you can provide 20 books to students, opening their hearts and minds to diverse perspectives. Join us in our mission to promote empathy through the power of storytelling.