Enhancing the quality of life for those living with paralysis.


The Woody Foundation enhances the quality of life for those living with paralysis.


All people with paralysis can live an active and independent life.


TWF builds positive relationships through honesty, respect and compassion, which enhance self-esteem, safety and the well-being of the service community, their families, and our staff.

TWF pursues the highest standards in service delivery and organizational performance.

We believe that the paralyzed community has the right to a full and productive life.

TWF is fiscally responsible in order to fulfill our mission. The board and volunteers take their roles & responsibilities seriously. We are a committed group with a collective sense of action, we are guided by processes, and work hard towards positive outcomes.

How we started:

On January 29, 2011, James “Woody” Beckham was seriously injured during a tackle while playing rugby for Florida Atlantic University in a game against the University of Miami. Woody, then just 22 sustained a complete cervical spinal cord injury that rendered him paralyzed from the chest down. After being successfully operated on by Dr. Michael Wang of Jackson Memorial Hospital’s world-renowned neurological team, Woody began his recovery process. He healed rapidly in ICU and Acute Care where he was transferred to Jackson Rehabilitation Hospital as an inpatient for two months.

After many family members and friends wanted to do more to help answer why this injury happened the foundation was formed to honor Beckham and his new community. Within a 10-month span a board was formed, people volunteered, we hosted our inaugural fundraiser and presented a check for $20,000.


Where we are today:

In 2021 the foundation passed a monumental milestone; we had donated a cumulative $1 million dollars in grants and individual gifts to improve the lives of people living with paralysis. To top that in 2022 we gave away the most funds in one single year to date with $270,000. For 2023 we hope to give away $300,00.


Annual Gratitude report:

We would like to thank our donors and acknowledge the work that is done through this annual report


Program we offer:

Community grants – TeamTWF provides a platform for like minded organizations to apply for annual community grants to help fund projects and experiences that directly impact people living with paralysis.

Adaptive Yoga – Since 2012 TeamTWF has partnered with Natalie Morales our yoga instructor to bring a weekly Adaptive Yoga class to the community. The class is free to attend every Monday from 4-5pm the class is broadcasted on our Facebook page and can be attended via zoom. .

Next Chapter – This program allows us to empower students and foster a sense of inclusivity through engaging reading activities and conversations. We visit classrooms and bring a carefully selected book featuring a main character in a wheelchair, providing a window into the diverse experiences of individuals with disabilities.

Woody Pack – a collection of adaptive items providing practical solutions for independent and effortless day-to-day tasks. Our Woody Pack promotes independence, allowing individuals to regain control of their lives  -- where empowerment and practicality intersect to transform lives.