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Join us for our free weekly adaptive yoga class! We meet at 4pm EST via FB Live or Zoom every Monday!

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Adaptive Virtual Yoga

What is Adaptive Yoga?

Adaptive yoga is a modified form of yoga that caters to individuals with physical limitations or disabilities. It focuses on adapting and customizing yoga postures, sequences, and techniques to meet the unique needs of each participant. By providing variations, modifications, and the use of props, adaptive yoga aims to make the practice accessible and inclusive for all, promoting strength, flexibility, body awareness, and overall well-being. We foster a safe and supportive environment while incorporating breathwork, meditation, and relaxation techniques to enhance the holistic benefits of the practice. Adaptive yoga empowers individuals to embrace their bodies and promote self-care while honoring their abilities and limitations

How can I join?

Join us every Monday afternoon as we celebrate the joy of movement with virtual adaptive yoga. Whether you're a beginner or have experience with yoga, this class is designed to accommodate and support individuals of all abilities.

In our Adaptive Yoga Class, we focus on gentle exercises that help stretch and strengthen the body. Additionally, we often incorporate visualization and breathing techniques to help you focus your mind and find a sense of centering. It's a holistic practice that aims to promote overall well-being.

You can join our class on either FaceBook Live or Zoom, every Monday from 4-5p (ET). If you choose to participate via Zoom, please use the following meeting details:

Zoom Meeting ID: 876 5484 6626
Zoom Meeting Password: 401802

Do I have to prepare before the class?

To make the most of your virtual class experience, we recommend preparing ahead of time by gathering some props. While we don't always use them, they can come in handy for certain exercises.

Here's what you'll need:
1. a strap (a thick rope or a long cloth belt) to accentuate stretches
2. a big couch-cushion or pillow (to put on your lap for a forward bend)
3. and an extra chair (or other stable / immobile surface) to lean on with your hand or forearm, or to prop a leg upon (to intensify a side-stretch, or a leg-stretch)

So, if you're ready to stretch out, strengthen your body, deepen your breath, and stay centered, tune in to our virtual adaptive yoga class every Monday at 4PM EST. We look forward to practicing with you and creating a positive space for wellness and self-care.